Smoked Portuguese Peasant Sausage

The finished product in its beauty.
The finished product in its beauty.

Sausage is a form of expression. Much like other cooking techniques, charcuterie is meant for experimentation. This sausage came to me as we were planning the Brazilian steakhouse night that we had at the university where I work. Through the use of select herbs and spices I turned a simple sausage ratio into a fun play on a traditional Portuguese sausage.


This recipe is written for a large batch  obviously it can be scaled back to suit.



50 # Meat ( I used 20# beef, 20# lamb, and 10# pork with a fat percentage about 25-30%)

5# finely diced onion

4.5# finely diced celery

1# Roasted or confit garlic

1/4 # Garlic

2.5 C Port

2 C Water

1 3/4 C Salt

4 T Thyme

3 T Lavender

3 1/3 T Ground black pepper

3 1/3 T Paprika

2 1/3 T Cayene Pepper

3 1/3  Level T Pink Salt



This Recipe is one that I came up with when planning the Brazilian steakhouse night that we held.  I wanted to do a play on the rather plain and drab sausage that you get at the commercialized Brazilian steakhouse that are popping up everywhere.

This sausage is as simple to make as combining all the ingredients in a mixer and mixing until well incorporated and the mixture has a tacky feel and somewhat shiny appearance.  I chose to use pork casings, and wind in a spiral, but this was purely for presentation.  Pork or sheep casings can be used and the sausage can be coiled, linked, or turned into rings for smoking.


I smoked this sausage at a very low temperature for about 2 hours before firing up the heat until it reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.

At this point it’s time to enjoy.  Oh, and you will enjoy this marriage of three meats and flavors.








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  1. 007Kevin41
    April 4, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Great Recipe

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