Saffire Grill, A Step above in quality and versatility

I am a chef. I have only recently begun this new trek as a blogger, and even more recently started doing research and testing for product reviews. I chose a great product play with this summer. I am in love with my kamado grill from Saffire. Seriously, this is the product to demystify the world of real smoking and grilling for the whole range of backyard “pyro chefs” and grill masters alike.


I must admit, I was impressed from the moment that my grill was delivered. I have never seen a grill come packaged so deliberately and precisely. No piece in the box could even contemplate moving until I removed the appropriate packing. This box seemed full proof.



Packing aside, please follow one piece of advice. Buy a six pack of a good craft beer and invite a friend. The instructions and assembly where surprisingly simple, but this beast has some heft. I managed to put the grill on its stand, but I believe that it may have been ill advised. One wrong move and I’m pretty sure I would have destroyed this smoking beauty. Not to say that this isn’t a durable grill, but I’m pretty sure that ceramic is not meant to fall 2-3 feet without some damage.



From my first grilling experience, two massive venison steaks, I was hooked on this beauty.  From high heat to low smoking, which these chuck style steaks required both, this smoker can do it.  I was sure that adjusting temperatures would be a challenge, but it was surprisingly simple and relatively quick.  by simply adjusting the air flow through the top and bottom dampers, I was able to easily adjust the temperature and finish with a fine tender and flavorful cut of venison that in no way could have been accomplished by simply oven roasting.  I have smoked bbq items as low as 225 and cooked pizza at about 600 with  the aid of a proper baking stone.  The results I have achieved with the Saffire are unmatched by any other backyard grill or smoker that I have used up to now.


A smoker must be rib friendly, am I right?  It goes without saying that a smoker must be able to maintain temperature efficiently.  Saffire fits the bill.  Unlike many smokers, I never had issues with flare ups or with temperature fluctuations.  Just set this baby and let it ride.  With the aid of the heat shield this grill offers such a consistent and steady heat.  Usually to achieve this kind of flavor from wood and smoke you must leave yourself open to flare ups, hot spots, and other issues that could potentially ruin an amazing meal.

Smoking is usually viewed as a more primal form of cooking.  Using fire and smoke to cook and instill flavor.  Smoking has many uses that require much more finesse.  Turning to the use of smoke in the classical culinary techniques of charcuterie I was very surprised.  The saffire grill offers an even and consistent heat that was ideal for smoking this morel mushroom and ramp, venison summer sausage.  I have yet to have an issue with sausages bursting, charing, or springing leaks.  The temperature is consistent and constant, just the way I want it to be.


Smoked salmon requires a delicate and even heat that many open flamed smokers can’t offer.  To smoke a piece of salmon to hot-smoked perfection takes a delicate touch so that the flesh is not turned into jerky and the fish is neither too smokey or not smokey enough.  With a simple brine or cure, smoked fish of the highest quality is almost effortless on the Saffire.

From high heat grilling to slow and low smoking the full saffire line of products offers what every outdoor chef needs.  I have used my share of grills and smokers and I can tell you first hand that this is the only product that I need on my back porch.  For it’s durability and overall culinary versatility this kamado by Saffire is a value and now a necessity in my culinary “tool box.”



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