Non-Stick Baking Sheets that Work


Reusable Baking Sheets by Cookina Cuisine.
Reusable Baking Sheets by Cookina Cuisine.

Not gonna lie, but when a special delivery comes to the house, it is hard to get excited when it is a non-stick baking sheet.  But, this is my first product feature that I am putting to paper and it is a pretty solid product at that.  Cookina Cuisine brings 2 very strong and useful products to the table.  Both Cookina Cuisine and Cookina Gard are very useful products for home use and small scale commercial.

Cookina Cuisine is a reusable baking sheet.  I have had a hard time finding any product be it a sheet pan or parchment substitute that is truly not stick.  This product is it.  Not only does it have great non-stick properties, but it is also reusable.  I believe that I am pushing on 30 uses for the initial and only sheet that I have used so far.  What makes this product truly ideal is that it comes in a roll that is easy to cut and customize to whatever size that you need.  The quality of this non-stick sheet has even allowed me to put my desire for silicone baking sheets on hold.  I have baked many hard to clean products on this sheet that usually would result in lots of dish work.  I have gone to the extent of cooking a simple parmesan cheese tuile with great results.

Honey Mustard Salmon, A Nightmare to Clean, Usually.

Normally anything cooked at a high temperature with a high sugar content would result in a very difficult mess.  This is the main reason that I usually avoid anything in the oven with a honey mustard glaze.  Well, my family is glad that I don’t have to avoid that anymore.  I’ll admit, I’m lazy.  I don’t want to clean burnt on, caked on disasters.  I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


No Sticking, The Burnt on Honey Mustard Easily Wiped Clean.

Cookina also offers it’s Cookina Gard product which is a liner for the bottom of your oven.  Once again, easy to cut and easy to clean.  My family loves pizza fresh from the oven and we can now put pizza on a stone or right on the rack without worrying about what cheesy mess or greasy splatter might take place.

Even this Gooey Cheese Bread Met its Match.

For those who are skeptical of the quality that Cookina is bringing to the table, this cheese bread was baked on a pizza stone on a sheet of Cookina Cuisine.  That golden brown color that you desire is on the bottom just as it is on the top.  The stone was easy to clean as the bread never actually touched it.

If you are a serious cook like me or if you are lazy like me, this is a product that you should look into.  It is reasonably priced and reusable so the value is outstanding.  Give it a look and enjoy.



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