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Tropical Curry Bacon

Bacon is not just Store bought everyday bacon anymore.  Trust me, I’m not mocking “regular” bacon.  I just feel that every once and a while we need to go outside the box and try to capture a new flavor.  Use this recipe as that bacon or as an inspiration for your own memorable bacon euphoria. Ingredients  13# Pork Belly 1/2… Read more →

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If you Are Going to Bother Cooking a Good Burger or Sausage, Why Not Use Good Mustard.

It goes without saying that if you are putting good quality product on the grill, you should put good quality toppings on top of that.  Why just go with with a standard yellow mustard when you have a special smoked sausage or a decadent wagyu burger.  It goes without saying that you need to up your condiment game.  These two… Read more →

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Please Stalk Me!

Please Join Me as I continue to grow my readership and social media networking.  Although the articles might not be flying off the page right now, I have so much in the works. Watch me on Youtube -In the next week I will begin my tutorial series to give you a more hands on approach to recipes and  cooking… Read more →

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If You Have too Much Kraut…. Can you Have too Much Kraut? 2 Good Recipes

I’m not sure if you can have too much sauerkraut, but it is getting towards farmer’s market and gardening time, so it’s time to use up your canned and fermented goodies from last year.  All of these items can be made using store bought sauerkraut, but why now that you know how to make it yourself.  These are great party… Read more →

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Hello, My Name Is Chris and I Have an Issue with Sandwiches

I am a sandwich whore.   There, I said it. Wow! I feel better. The first step to recovery is admitting that I have a problem.   Wait, I don’t want to recover. I love sandwiches. They are, in my opinion, the world’s perfect food. A sandwich is a portable and self-contained combination of protein, sides, bread, and sauce.   Sandwiches… Read more →

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Red Eye BBQ

Yes, I know that March is a weird time to post BBQ recipes.  So what?  With the bizarre weather that we have been having, there have been about 2 days each week that have been warm enough to stand outside and fire up the grill or smoker. This recipe adds a different weapon to the BBQ arsenal.  I choose to use coffee… Read more →

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A Chef’s Struggle

Benoit Violier committed suicide and many people have nothing but questions.  I have questions too.  Where did you find the inspiration?  How does it feel to reach that level?  The only question I don’t want to ask is, “Why?” Please don’t think this is saying that I completely understand or accept such an action.  I however can see how this can… Read more →

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It’s Called Craft Beer for a Reason

When I first started drinking beer legally, micro-brews were the new and exciting thing in the beer world.  The mega-breweries still ruled the roost.  Micro-brews brought new flavors and different styles that the American palate was unfamiliar with.  They were aimed at the masses.  They were beers that were being brewed for a select audience to quench the thirst for… Read more →

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