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Saffire Grill, A Step above in quality and versatility

I am a chef. I have only recently begun this new trek as a blogger, and even more recently started doing research and testing for product reviews. I chose a great product play with this summer. I am in love with my kamado grill from Saffire. Seriously, this is the product to demystify the world of real smoking and grilling… Read more →

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A necessity for the kitchen brought to you by Chard

With the onset of autumn, it is the time that most chefs and home foodies jump into preservation mode.  There is a plethora of wild mushrooms to store, gardens to harvest, and the hunt to freeze for a later day.  Canning is a must and freezer paper always has it’s place, but vacuum sealing offers longer durations of storage as… Read more →

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Sir Kensington Helps to Take Away the Guilt from Condiments

Sir Kensington’s line of condiments offers a product you can feel good about giving your family and a flavor that separates them from the pack.  Sir Kensington’s products offer quality and value in their simplicity and attention to flavor. Sir Kensington’s products are held to standards that have placed them on numerous humane and natural product quality lists.  What other… Read more →