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With the onset of autumn, it is the time that most chefs and home foodies jump into preservation mode.  There is a plethora of wild mushrooms to store, gardens to harvest, and the hunt to freeze for a later day.  Canning is a must and freezer paper always has it’s place, but vacuum sealing offers longer durations of storage as well as many different culinary techniques that old school methods do not offer.


Chard offers a vacuum sealer that is approachable as well as affordable to all, the VS-SS Premium Vacuum Sealer.  Let’s get one thing out of the way right now. Most of your friends don’t have vacuum sealers, they instead just have paper weights that heat seal a piece of plastic.  This is not to say that they didn’t buy something called a vacuum sealer.  I have just found that in my experience that most vacuum sealers, unless commercial grade, do not vacuum properly.  Chard surprised me here.  The vacuum sealer works!

I have already begun to put this appliance through it’s paces and we are just starting “bulking” season.  As most of you already know, I am a chef, a gardener, a forager and a hunter.  So, right now is my time to shine and time for this little beauty to earn it’s keep.  I can already say that it probably already has.

Vacuum sealers are no longer just for preservation.  For those exposed to different culinary methods, you are well aware that vacuum sealers are essential to properly perform the technique of sous vide.  Sous vide is a technique of slowly cooking food in a fat or liquid to obtain optimal tenders, moisture and internal cooking.


Pickling is yet another culinary technique that can be enhanced through the use of a vacuum sealer such as this.  Using a vacuum sealer to cold pickle fruits and vegetables helps to keep the fresh crunch while adding that vinegar bite that you desire.


The VS-SS Premium Vacuum Sealer is a steal at the $149.99 retail tag that I have seem.  With a true vacuum that works and with the ability to use accesories for sealing containers other that just vacuum bags one would be missing the boat if they didn’t seek this prize out.  The money that you can avoid wasting by properly storing your food will far out way this price tag.

Don’t just look at this a a replacement for freezer bags, but realize the potential that an appliance of this caliber offers you.  For homesteaders, chefs, and hunters alike do yourself a favor and take care of your food.  Freeze the right way.  Cook the right way.  Store the right way.  Use the vacuum sealer by Chard.  www.chardproducts.com

stay tuned for recipes and videos related to the VS-SS and it’s many uses.





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