Month: March 2016

Hello, My Name Is Chris and I Have an Issue with Sandwiches

I am a sandwich whore.   There, I said it. Wow! I feel better. The first step to recovery is admitting that I have a problem.   Wait, I don’t want to recover. I love sandwiches. They are, in my opinion, the world’s perfect food. A sandwich is a portable and self-contained combination of protein, sides, bread, and sauce.   Sandwiches… Read more →

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Sir Kensington Helps to Take Away the Guilt from Condiments

Sir Kensington’s line of condiments offers a product you can feel good about giving your family and a flavor that separates them from the pack.  Sir Kensington’s products offer quality and value in their simplicity and attention to flavor. Sir Kensington’s products are held to standards that have placed them on numerous humane and natural product quality lists.  What other… Read more →

Red Eye BBQ

Yes, I know that March is a weird time to post BBQ recipes.  So what?  With the bizarre weather that we have been having, there have been about 2 days each week that have been warm enough to stand outside and fire up the grill or smoker. This recipe adds a different weapon to the BBQ arsenal.  I choose to use coffee… Read more →

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