Month: December 2015

Why the Hell am I Here?

  Fort Wayne probably won’t pop up on most foodie maps when you are thinking about cutting edge cuisine and it shouldn’t.  Fort Wayne, however, has a culinary soul that is vibrant, boisterous, and alive. Fort Wayne won’t and shouldn’t apologize for what it is. It is a place that will take as much pride in a perfectly prepared slider… Read more →

What gives me the right?

I know that some people might ask who the hell is this guy?  What gives him the right to tell me about food?  Well…….  Nothing really, but here are a few blips from my past that might show you that I have at least a little skill.  I’ll continue to add memories as I go through old boxes. 1,705 total views, no views… Read more →

1,705 total views, no views today